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Logitech Z 2300 2 1 channel PC multimedia speaker system 200 Watt total Review

Everyone's reviews are right. This speaker system is great! But they don't last forever. I've had th... weiterlesen
20.12.10 21:15


Nintendo DSi XL Bronze Review

In my own little nearsighted world, I got along okay and enjoyed the games. Then Nintendo came out w... weiterlesen
20.12.10 21:15

Wii Band Hero featuring Taylor Swift Super Bundle Review

Band Hero fits a niche that was previously unexplored; I think any child 4 to 12, boy or girl would ... weiterlesen
20.12.10 21:15

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Collector s Edition Review

Honestly if you're looking at getting the collectors edition of this it's because you already play a... weiterlesen
20.12.10 21:15

PlayStation 3 160 GB Review

Overall, I'm thrilled with the PS3. I'm looking forward to getting my music and other media files lo... weiterlesen
20.12.10 21:15

Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect Review

I stood in line to get this console at midnight, and I haven't wanted to stop playing it since! I ha... weiterlesen
20.12.10 21:15

Nintendo DSi Pink Review

The Nintendo DSi is a nice step in the evolution of Nintendo's handheld. It has a lot of new feature... weiterlesen
20.12.10 21:15

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