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Wii Band Hero featuring Taylor Swift Super Bundle Review

Band Hero fits a niche that was previously unexplored; I think any child 4 to 12, boy or girl would enjoy this, and teenage girls will really like the look and feel of Band Hero. Basically, anyone who picks up the plastic guitar and starts tapping their foot to a recognizable song will be instantly hooked. This is a very enthusiastic thumbs up for Band Hero and a thumbs up to Taylor Swift for getting involved in this project. She's laughing all the way to the bank, and yes, the set ships with a microphone no one will ever have to share with Kanye!

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20.12.10 21:15


Nintendo DSi XL Bronze Review

In my own little nearsighted world, I got along okay and enjoyed the games. Then Nintendo came out with this XL unit......I got the bronze and think that it looks very fashion forward no matter what your age is. It is absolutely stunning and made my little black unit look pretty sad. That being said, Nintendo really did not promise anything other than a bigger screen and this unit delivers! You no longer have to struggle to see the screen.

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20.12.10 21:15

Logitech Z 2300 2 1 channel PC multimedia speaker system 200 Watt total Review

Everyone's reviews are right. This speaker system is great! But they don't last forever. I've had this exact setup from Logitech for 3-4 years and now one of the speakers only works occasionally. Again, this is a great system, but not flawless and eternal. I guess the days of purchasing sound equipment that lasts 25 years or more are gone...I didn't want to be the guy who rains on everyone's parade of praise for logitech, but I just get annoyed when someone buys a product and the next day writes a review for the item. What use is that? Anyway, happy hunting!

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20.12.10 21:15

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